Archiving your data and content directly in Veeva Vault can help solve for these common scenarios.

After working on over 550 migration projects with our clients, we’ve noticed one huge unaddressed issue that many customers face: archiving GxP data and content.

My wife always told me to never forget our anniversary because it was important to remember all the good things that have occurred as a result of the initial act.

Sample-based testing has been a staple of quality organizations in life sciences for decades. In some cases, it makes perfect sense to use and, absent other options, it can be made to work.

The news is out – your company will be going through an acquisition or divestiture. Here are our tips on how to make data migration easier amidst all the excitement.

Hoarding data can slow system performance, cost more in storage and even be a liability. A data archiving software is the cost-effective way to free up system storage – without losing access to your docs.

From May 30th to June 1st the Valiance team was in Copenhagen for the 3rd annual Veeva Systems European R&D Forum. For those who weren’t able to make it, here’s what you missed and some of my tips for how to get the most of future trade show events. What is the Veeva Systems European […]

Does Your Approach Compare to TRUcompare?

Migrations are a complex undertaking and traditional testing approaches often fall short of today’s business and compliance requirements. The ensuing risk can easily result in costly errors. The question is: How sound are your current testing and sampling approaches?