Valiance Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

My wife always told me to never forget our anniversary because it was important to remember all the good things that have occurred as a result of the initial act.

With that in mind, June 2018 marks the 15-year anniversary of when a few guys got together to write a business plan on a napkin (framed in our office board room) about an idea to start a company, Valiance Partners. With that napkin plan in place, they had a concept of what they might be able to do for their first customer and then see where things take them.

Fast forward 15 years: Valiance (our rebranded name) has moved a few times, been recognized by many, has created a market that is largely void of specialized vendors, garnered over 110 life science customers and partners, and in just the past 3 years, has tripled in growth.

We have many to thank including our outstanding employees and our loyal customers who keep coming back to us to do the hard work required to meet their demanding GxP migration needs as they acquire, merge, and divest over and over again.

Thank you one and all as we look forward to continuing to serve your unique needs.


Tom Witmer

Tom Witmer is head of business development for Valiance. He has over 35 years of sales and sales leadership experience in enterprise software companies in the database and content management space, serving the life sciences software industries.