Documentum Data Migration Challenges

OpenText’s Documentum architecture has enabled some of the largest and most complex content management repositories and provides the foundation for many highly customized and out-of-box applications including DCM, FirstDocs, GxPharma, QUMAS and others. Documentum data migrations typically have significant compliance requirements and little tolerance for error.

“We had a tight timeline that we couldn’t deliver to internally, and we needed the 100% source-to-target audit trail for our eTMF migrations that Valiance’s software delivers.”– Director of Regulatory and Clinical Solutions, Japanese Pharma Company

Documentum Migration Software

Valiance has completed many successful Documentum data migrations since 2005 and has the proven software and migration experts to help execute Documentum data migrations efficiently and without error.

Our TRUseries migration products provide:

  • Support for all things Documentum including: documents, versions, renditions, virtual documents, registered tables, DCM controlled documents
  • Out-of-the-box compatibility for all Documentum versions
  • Support for a broad set of applications including: Documentum Compliance Manager (DCM), FirstDoc, GxPharma, QUMAS and others
  • Support for migrations to/from a number of relevant technologies
  • Complete configuration without custom coding or scripting required
  • The industry’s only automated data migration testing application
  • Enabled 100% migration testing (no more sampling, no more manual testing)
  • Testing protocols shipped with the product
  • Ability to identify data cleansing requirements early through pre-migration testing
  • Field-level testing with transformations
  • Binary-level verification of migrated content


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