Veeva Vault Migration Experts

Veeva Vault is the premier platform for regulated content management and regulatory information management. The Veeva Vault platform and suite of applications brings content, data, partners and processes together in the cloud.

When it comes to migrating your legacy data to the leading life sciences GxP platform, choose the leading vendor for GxP systems migrations.


Valiance has received the highest partner acknowledgement to certify our expertise in Veeva Development Cloud: Vault Clinical Operations Suite, Quality Suite and Vault RIM Suite for migrations.


Webinar: Veeva’s End-to-End Migration Process

See the best practice approach to migrating to RIM, Quality and Clinical Vaults, recorded at Veeva R&D Summit.


Webinar: Planning a Vault CDMS Migration

Veeva joins Valiance migration experts at Veeva R&D and Quality Summit to discuss CDMSbest practices.


“The Valiance migration software worked exactly as billed. Zero migration issues were discovered after migrating hundreds of thousands of documents. The Valiance team really understood the eTMF structures we were moving from and the new DIA eTMF model we were moving to.”– Executive Director of Clinical IT, Biopharma Consulting Company

Veeva Vault Migration Software

Valiance TRUseries data migration tools have been successfully integrating with Veeva Vault since 2012. Valiance has become the most prolific choice for migrating legacy data to Vault; the unique scale of experience has enabled the development of purpose-built migration solutions for Veeva Vault eTMF, PromoMats, QualityDocs, RIM, Submissions and Platform. Whether you have modest volumes of data or millions of documents; a single system or a large scale consolidation; with Valiance Partners you can rest assured that your data migration will be done right the first time.

Our expertise, data migration methodology and data migration tools have significantly reduced the time, effort and cost for all our Veeva Vault customers.

Our TRUseries migration products provide:

  • Migration solutions for Veeva Vault eTMF, PromoMats, QualityDocs, RIM, Submissions and Platform that include:
    • Configuration-only migration solutions (no custom coding or scripting required)
    • 100% migration independent testing & validation (no more sampling, no more manual testing)
    • Testing protocols shipped with the product
    • In many cases, out-of-the-box migration specification and migration software configurations
  • Ability to identify data cleansing requirements early through pre-migration testing
  • Field-level testing with transformations
  • Binary-level verification of migrated content
  • Support for a broad variety of source systems applications
  • Industry-leading migration performance


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