Migration Powerhouse

Valiance is merging with NNIT

Valiance Has Merged With NNIT to Create Migration Powerhouse

Migrating critical data projects is a complex and often challenging process, specifically
as it relates to regulated industries. Migration Powerhouse brings unparalleled knowledge, business processes, and 100% verification of migrated data to every client engagement, allowing your organization to successfully complete migration projects in a timely, accurate, compliant, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

100% Verification

As a proven innovator, we believe data is the truth for all organizations. Moving data with 100% validity and integrity with actionable business context around it is critical. Our expert team of global industry leaders bring an extensive breadth of domain knowledge and tailored consulting services to each client engagement, ensuring compliance and regulatory requirements are met efficiently and effectively.

Unmatched Expertise

Migration Powerhouse brings together the capabilities, standard processes and tools, and techniques that move data in a high-quality manner. It also brings together the business process and context, a critical step in solving data migration problems in the regulatory, quality, clinical, safety, and production IT industries.

  • We provide a full suite of comprehensive solutions to transform and accelerate the future of data migration services.
  • We empower organizations to design, and implement a complete and comprehensive digital transformation program with efficiency and compliance as the core foundation of our proven methodology.
  • We allow enterprise, mid-sized, and even smaller customers to take advantage of a comprehensive migration offering and complementary IT solutions within our global portfolio services.

Global Footprint

With 700+ migrations for over 170 customers globally, we bring the most proven GxP migration software and methodology and are fluent in the relevant business processes and regulations that govern your industry. With the use of our automated TRUseries data migration product suite, our Migration InSight methodology and our highly experienced consultants, we will help you achieve your goals in a timely, accurate, compliant, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Migration Powerhouse: Advancing Data Migrations Across the Value Chain

Learn how we help our clients migrate critical data securely and compliantly through comprehensive services, including strategy, scoping, planning, cleansing, migrating, validating, and ongoing managed services.