Archiving is a common requirement for any GxP system and is an important part of your QMS strategy. However, the complex organization of your database can make archived information difficult to extract accurately and to interpret once extracted.

Do you need to:

  • Decommission legacy systems?
  • Free up your production environment by archiving historical projects and systems?
  • Increase the performance of your production systems?

Then you need Valiance’s TRUarchive

It’s as simple as 1-2-3.


Mappings and archive criteria are easily set using the TRUarchive configuration console interface.


TRUarchive extracts the historical content and metadata from one or more source repositories, converting to PDF as needed, and loads transformed objects into archive file share, database, or application.


If necessary, TRUarchive deletes the historical records and documents that have successfully migrated to the archival system.

Find the archiving solution that works for you

Whether you choose to maintain your existing user interface or move archive records and documents to another platform, TRUarchive has built-in features that work with your data structure and data types as well as enable configurable migrations to any archive target technology.

TRUarchive Benefits:

  • Accurate, efficient, and cost-effective way to archive historical data
  • Peace of mind in selecting an appropriate archive platform for your needs
  • Configurable definition of archive keys and data
  • Multi-value fields flattened to a single row per PR data for easy viewing and reporting
  • ID to name translation
  • Automatic PDF generation on the fly


Sell Sheet: TRUarchive for TrackWise
Sell Sheet: TRUarchive for Veeva