Valiance listened to our lessons-learned feedback to help us avoid future issues. They also implemented dry runs to help clarify any changes needed and to make sure the final run was as smooth as possible.

- Director of IT, Medical Device Company

Ultimately, the migration was a complete success because of the technical acumen and devotion of the Valiance team. They were simply outstanding.

- Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs, Pharma Products Company

Working with Valiance has been fabulous; it was a real partnership throughout the project.  We have all been impressed with your dedication and commitment to customer success. Thank you for a job well done.

- R & D Practice Manager, Global Pharma Company

The migrations I did with Valiance were the smoothest migrations I have ever been a part of.  They don’t just bring a toolset, they bring true expertise and they feel more like an extension of your team than an outside vendor.

- Director of Regulatory & Clinical Solutions, Japanese Pharma Company

Valiance excels in professionalism, customer service and client satisfaction. I truly appreciate the sense of teamwork and partnership they brought to this project.

- Project Director & CTMS Migration Project Lead, Global Contract Research Organization

Our relationship with Valiance has been top notch. It’s gotten us through these projects very, very smoothly. I can’t say enough or thank you guys enough.

- Associate Director of Systems Compliance, Global Specialty Pharma Company

Thank you to the Valiance team for your hard work. I love working with highly competent and capable people.  Your pride in your company is evident in the work that you do.

- IT Project Manager, Global Pharma Company

I attribute the success of this project to the amazing team at Valiance team. Their knowledge, experience and ability to get the job done is unparalleled to any other vendor I have worked with.

- Project Director, Global Contract Research Organization

We had a tight timeline that we couldn’t deliver to internally, and we needed the 100% source-to-target audit trail for our eTMF migrations that Valiance’s software delivers.

- Director of Regulatory and Clinical Solutions, Japanese Pharma Company

While we evaluated doing this internally, the combination of experience, tools and domain expertise made it clear working with Valiance would be done more quickly and with a quality guarantee that our internal teams couldn’t match.

- Executive Director of Clinical IT, Biopharma Consulting Company

Thank you for your partnership during this build.  After completing all validated activities and verification and releasing the system we were really impressed with the results. We could not have achieved this success without Valiance.

- Senior IT Program Manager, Global Information Technology, Medical Technology Company

Thank you to the Valiance team for their support on the eTMF migration effort. We wouldn’t have gotten this far in this journey without their support, counsel and guidance.

- Senior Project Manager, IT Project Management Office, Health Sciences Company

The Valiance process for data migration is very robust. Their tools, as well as their approach of working very closely with the GLP business, built confidence in the migration as the project progressed through each development phase. We would certainly recommend Valiance for future migration efforts.

- Director of Medical Quality Assurance-GLP, Global Pharma Company

The Valiance migration software worked exactly as billed. Zero migration issues were discovered after migrating hundreds of thousands of documents. The Valiance team really understood the eTMF structures we were moving from and the new DIA eTMF model we were moving to.

- Executive Director of Clinical IT, Biopharma Consulting Company

Valiance has very good organization, follow-through and attention to detail. This gave me the assurance that even if there were problems they would take care of them.

- EPM Administrator Global Nutrition Company