SharePoint Data Migration Challenges

The usability of Microsoft SharePoint has made it an attractive document management option for today’s organizations. However, the disparities between it and legacy platforms are vast, and the SharePoint data migration challenges create risk uncertainties.

Uncontrolled, multi-site adoption of SharePoint is common, yet often results in data inconsistencies. In addition, SharePoint is being adopted for controlled document management requirements, with significant compliance provisions and little tolerance for error. As such, companies looking to implement SharePoint-based document management across the enterprise have a daunting challenge when it comes to data consolidation.

“Thank you to the Valiance team for their support on the eTMF migration effort. We wouldn’t have gotten this far in this journey without their support, counsel and guidance.”– Senior Project Manager, Health Sciences Company

SharePoint Data Migration Solutions

A Microsoft Life Sciences business partner, Valiance brings both expertise and technology to migrations. Using our Migration InSight methodology, we lead clients through the process of Sharepoint migration with a focus on understanding data quality early, driving realistic requirements and enabling 100% testing before the production migration.

Our TRUseries migration products provide:

  • Support for SharePoint-specific elements (documents, versions, document libraries, content types, folders and lists)
  • Out of box compatibility for SharePoint 2003/2007/2010/2013
  • Support for applications such as NextDocs and custom application environments
  • Migration support to/from a number of relevant technologies
  • Complete configuration of complex mapping scenarios without custom coding or scripting required
  • Enabled 100% migration testing (no more sampling, no more manual testing)
  • Testing protocols shipped with the product
  • Ability to identify data cleansing requirements early through pre-migration testing
  • Field-level testing with transformations
  • Binary-level verification of migrated content

Does Your Approach Compare to TRUcompare?

Migrations are a complex undertaking and traditional testing approaches often fall short of today’s business and compliance requirements. The ensuing risk can easily result in costly errors. The question is: How sound are your current testing and sampling approaches?