Oracle Data Migration Challenges

Oracle Argus Safety is the platform of choice for pharmaceutical safety data management. When companies make large investments in new technology, they can’t afford errors in the migration of legacy data. So why use a process that admits it will have them?

Safety data management follows a well-defined process, but different implementations represent data uniquely. The de facto approaches to data migration testing ignore lessons learned from prior similar efforts. Oracle data migration testing approaches typically rely upon sample-based methods, which are expensive, time consuming and verify only a modest proportion of migrated data. And data level “surprises” account for a significant number of over budget/schedule migration attempts.

There are also significant regulatory and business risks associated with adverse event management and pharmacovigilance.

“Thank you for your partnership during this build. After completing all validated activities and verification and releasing the system we were really impressed with the results. We could not have achieved this success without Valiance.”– Senior IT Program Manager, Global Information Technology, Medical Technology Company

Oracle Data Migration Software

Our software, methodology and experience overcome the risks of Argus Safety data management system migrations. We work with biotech startups and some of the largest regulated companies in the industry to provide Oracle Argus Safety migrations, AERs, ARISg, Argus J, Clinical Works ADR, Clintrace, Empirica Trace, PV Works and custom safety solutions.

Whether you are facing a complex migration, a consolidation, divestiture or an upgrade of an existing system, we offer a specific level of software, guidance and support for your unique projects.

Valiance helps you protect your investment and avoid program delays, surprise quality issues and budget overruns. We offer the ONLY complete migration solution to ensure your Oracle data migration will be successful, moving the data from the source to the destination with 100% verification. Since 2005, Valiance’s TRUseries migration software has been successfully applied to 500+ GxP data migrations.

Our TRUseries migration products provide:

  • Draft migration specification and out-of-the-box configurations for AERS, ARISg, Clintrace, Empirica Trace, PV Works and all prior versions of Argus
  • Pre-migration testing for source system error detection
  • Code list management
  • De-duplication (if necessary)
  • Test 100% of migration for dry runs and UAT
  • 100% testing for validation and production migrations
  • Out-of-the-box validation document set
  • Proven Migration InSight methodology
  • Minimal downtime typically associated with migrations


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