Job Management and Migration Execution Control

TRUconsole is a collaborative migration management tool that provides a central user interface for the organization and collaboration of migration and consolidation jobs. Its capabilities include management of migration resources, configurations, execution priorities and dependencies during a migration project.

TRUconsole is tightly integrated with TRUmigrate and TRUcompare and its easy-to-use interface allows multiple migration streams to be run efficiently and simultaneously.

The TRUconsole features include:

Project Management

Manage multiple simultaneous migration projects and multiple configuration resources.

Execution Management

Eliminates manual operations, automatically managing execution dependencies while creating and maintaining run history.

Project Organization

Provides the user one-click access to all jobs and resources while keeping track of all migration runs from one central location.

Shared Resources

Provides access to all common resources from one location and all resources can be used by multiple jobs.

Job Organization & Execution

Allows the user to create and edit jobs, operate parallel job executions, management log files automatically, and assists with the management of run history.

Simplified automated migration process eliminates costly error-prone manual steps

Complex migrations have hundreds of jobs and steps. The larger the number of manual steps, the greater the risks for errors. TRUconsole provides a user-friendly console to configure these jobs in the order they are to be executed with a few clicks. Job execution is simplified greatly – eliminating manual steps and costly errors.

TRUconsole benefits

  • Decreased need for administrative oversight through automated functionality – migration projects are simplified greatly
  • Eliminates costly error-prone manual steps
  • Minimal learning curve due to an intuitive user interface
  • Easy access to migration logs, projects, shared resources – allowing for quicker troubleshooting during a migration project


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