Migration Services

Migration Success is Within Your Reach.

Valiance brings an unparalleled knowledge of regulations, business processes and precision to every client engagement, regardless of the size. We offer various levels of migration services tailored to address your challenges.


Over 500 GxP migrations, 100+ customers and 40+ platforms since 2005… Why reinvent the wheel?  Valiance brings an unparalleled knowledge of regulations, business processes and precision to every migration challenge, regardless of the size. Tailored to meet clients’ needs, Valiance’s Strategic Consulting services turn significant challenges into strategic wins.

M&A-Driven Migrations

The pharmaceutical industry continues to experience an intense phase of mergers, acquisitions, consolidations and divestitures. Each transaction has an accompanying challenge to rationalize and harmonize processes and related information systems. Typically, neither company has budgeted or planned for any of this disruptive environment that usually has a definitive “end date” of support. Valiance offers the following strategic services for M&A activity:

  • Planning—Valiance has a unique ability to review a broad set of GxP platforms and gauge the level of effort of various “what if” scenarios to facilitate strategic planning.
  • Establish centers of excellence for migrations and consolidations, with an objective of delivering predictable and cost effective results across a broad set of platforms including a customer-refined methodology, testing strategy, and standardization of processes and deliverables.
  • Divestiture process management—Valiance has a unique capability; to divide data sets and create mutually exclusive derivative works from the originating company’s technology across a broad set of support platforms.

For Software Companies

Valiance has developed focused migration solutions for disruptive technologies, including those moving to the cloud.

For CROs

Valiance helps companies establish a center of excellence for CROs looking to outsource existing operations

Auditing Services

Valiance provides auditing services to investigate existing migration performance, identify process and technology shortfalls, provide recommendations on how to best remediate and if appropriate, help manage the remediation to assure ongoing operations meet management’s expectations.

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When moving to a new platform, assessing legacy system data suitability and migration readiness is critical. Valiance’s Data Quality Services leverage AI and ML to examine how source system data quality fits target system constraints, highlighting data quality issues that could jeopardize your migration —before even one record is migrated.

Source Profiling and Data Quality Assessment

Data profiling shows the as-is state of data quality in the source system, a major step towards the creation of a more structured, consistent and reliable set of data in the target environment. It provides the basis for assessing which data to focus on for improvement, setting the stage for the data enhancement.

Document Attribute Search and Analysis

Data Quality Services give more confidence to the data enhancement activities that support the planning and execution of migrations. Data Quality Services enhancement uses a systematic approach includes AI/ML capabilities:

  • An automated transformation engine for structured data.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) for unstructured data.

New AI/ML features of Data Quality Services address the common challenge of limited awareness of document content which makes it difficult to locate relevant information in documents.

The new data quality features address metadata consolidation with greater degrees of speed, efficiency and precision than the manual approach.


Data quality issues can trigger misleading report and regulatory filings resulting in countless hours spent investigating and resolving these issues. Valiance’s Data Quality Services avoid this wasted effort.

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A turnkey migration solution for the entire data and content migration and migration testing process. Driven by our Migration InSight methodology, these projects are led by our industry experts who provide complete project management, technical leadership, and analytical support to see your migrations through to successful completion.

Migration and Migration Testing

This service encompasses all the management and execution of the end-to-end processes critical to a successful migration including:

  • Planning
  • Analysis and scoping
  • Detailed data and content analysis
    • Scope definition
    • In-scope record/document identification
    • Pre-migration testing
    • Migration mapping/requirements
    • Data cleansing/enrichment
  • Migration configuration and testing
    • Migration tool configuration
    • Migration dry runs and testing
    • Formal testing (validation)
  • Production migration
    • Production cut-over
  • Production verification
  • Post-production support

Migration Testing

In this engagement, our proprietary pre- and post-migration testing software and methodology is broadly applied. For those that require the confidence and efficiency that 100% verification gives, our Migration InSight pre-migration testing ensures there is complete confidence in the migration process.

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In addition to our strategic services, we ensure that our TRUseries clients have access to customized training and maintenance options needed to get the most out of their technology investments. These programs include:

TRUseries Training

Our two-day in-depth training course is designed to introduce users to our TRUmigrate and/or TRUcompare software, their respective uses and functionality during the migration process. During the course, an example migration is reviewed using sample content and data to demonstrate testing and quality assurance issues.

Support Programs

We offer yearly maintenance packages for the first year you use TRUmigrate or TRUcompare. This support and maintenance provides full access to all bug fixes, patch releases and upgrades, as well as email support when you need it most.

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Does Your Approach Compare to TRUcompare?

Migrations are a complex undertaking and traditional testing approaches often fall short of today’s business and compliance requirements. The ensuing risk can easily result in costly errors. The question is: How sound are your current testing and sampling approaches?