Test. Repeat. Test Again. It’s Time to Break the Manual Cycle.

TRUcompare is an automated data, content and ETL testing software application that helps eliminate risks associated with migrations. It provides 100% pre- and post-migration testing and generates objective evidence—particularly for compliance purposes—that the migration and all data transformations were completed according to specifications. It also speeds migration by allowing potential errors to be identified and mitigated early in the process and by eliminating repetitive, manual sampling procedures.

TRUcompare takes the risk out of data migration in three steps


Mappings are easily set in the TRUcompare configuration console interface.


The TRUcompare comparison engine identifies all differences between current state values in the source systems and those values expected in the target systems.


TRUcompare lists all resulting matches to and deviations from a given specification as well as a summary on number of records or documents compared with user-friendly logs. State-of-the-art functionality redefines best practices for data and content migration testing, quality assurance and validation.

Eliminate Risk, Time and Expense

TRUcompare spares valuable resources from the burden of manual testing procedures by cutting costs, saving time, and eliminating risks — all significant factors for complex data or content migrations. TRUcompare automated testing for 100% of the migration results often costs the same or less than manual testing techniques of only a sampling of results.

TRUcompare Benefits

  • Mitigates risk associated with sampling results through 100% verification
  • Saves money
  • Yields a predictable timeline
  • Identifies data cleansing or data enrichments requirements before migration starts
  • Tests the integrity of both data and unstructured content
  • Diminishes the need for support to address post-migration issues
  • Standardizes data migration methodologies across the enterprise


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