Migration InSight

Data Migration Best Practices Redefined.

Migration InSight is our proven data migration methodology to deliver the clarity and confidence traditionally lacking in alternative approaches. We redefined migration best practices by introducing early data-level analysis and automated 100% post-migration testing.

We start with pre-migration testing, to assess the source system data quality early in the process and analyze how well the source system fits into the requirements of the destination system before any data is migrated. We then eliminate the uncertainty of traditional testing techniques, with automated 100% post-migration testing and verification of migrated data and content.

Key Phases:

  • Planning
  • Analysis and Scoping
  • Scope Definition
  • Source to Destination Mapping
  • Pre-Migration Testing
  • Data Cleansing/Enrichment
  • Migration Configuration and Testing
  • Migration Verification
  • Production Migration

From initial planning and scoping, to pre-migration testing and verification, all the way through project completion—we provide full assurance and documentation that all data and content was migrated successfully.

Refined over hundreds of migrations, the Valiance TRUseries product suite was designed to support our Migration InSight methodology.

Does Your Approach Compare to TRUcompare?

Migrations are a complex undertaking and traditional testing approaches often fall short of today’s business and compliance requirements. The ensuing risk can easily result in costly errors. The question is: How sound are your current testing and sampling approaches?