Configurable and Cost-Effective Approach to Complex Data & Content Migrations

TRUmigrate software manages complex data migration using an efficient and configurable interface – no coding required.

TRUmigrate is compatible with a wide range of business, regulatory and life sciences applications, including Veeva Vault, Sparta Systems TrackWise, EMC Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Notes, MasterControl, and QUMAS for fast, accurate data migration functionality. With TRUmigrate in place, you’ll never second-guess the success of your most complex projects.

Five steps. That’s all it takes to transform your migration project.

Configure Rules

Mappings are easily set using the TRUmigrate configuration console (GUI).

Supplement and Merge

Data from supplemental sources (such as mapping spreadsheets) are added and merged with those extracted from source repositories.


TRUmigrate extracts content and metadata from one or more source repositories and moves it to an intermediate location.


TRUmigrate applies your data mapping rules to transform the source and supplemental data structures into the target application data structure.


TRUmigrate loads transformed data and content objects into the target application and initializes them with required security settings, folder mappings, folder locations, etc.

Save Time, Money and Internal Resources

TRUmigrate is the only data migration software that blends a purpose-built interface with a high degree of user configurability. It can handle your most demanding transformation requirements while guiding you through the migration process itself. More than 90 percent of customers who try TRUmigrate purchase additional licenses.

TRUmigrate Benefits

  • Provides significant application-level integration for all supported platforms that enables a straightforward configuration process not otherwise available
  • Standardizes migration technology across the enterprise for maximum cost-effectiveness
  • Decreases need for administrative oversight through automated functionality
  • Requires minimal learning curve investment through an intuitive GUI
  • Instantiates application specific back-end properties in a configurable GUI that guide the user through the migration process, shortening mapping cycle time
  • Includes an intuitive interface with no coding required


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