How to Use Vault as Your Archive Platform

Archiving your data and content directly in Veeva Vault can help solve for these common scenarios.

Scenario #1: You’re Storing Archived Data and Content in Hard-to-Access Places

Imagine you’re facing an FDA audit and the auditors ask you to produce certain records. One way to find the content is to ask a records manager who would then have to search through your systems and perhaps even get access to release it, all of which could take a week or longer. If your company is facing litigation or an audit, and you need everything about one product, you’ll have to go through all that plus the nightmare of dealing with different versions of documents.

Now you can access ALL of your archived data directly within Veeva Vault and make searching easier with standard Veeva security settings to ensure that there’s less waiting around when you need to find and pull documents fast.

Scenario #2: You Don’t Consider Archiving Until Late in a Migration Project

In the hundreds of migrations we’ve done for clients in the life science industry, we inevitably get the question of what to do with legacy data and content that’s not being migrated. We get told that the legacy system(s) has to get decommissioned, “but we’ll deal with that later.” Why not plan for it now by putting your legacy inactive data or decommissioned system into Vault?  Plan on this up front, not down the road.

Valiance completed a project for a major pharmaceutical company where we completed a migration of two million active documents from four different sources into Veeva. Our next step is to take all the inactive content from the sources and archive it into Veeva Vault.  One Vault, one interface, active and inactive content or data in one place.

Stop paying for multiple technologies that you’re no longer using. By archiving in Vault, you’re able to decommission your systems and use Vault as your archive.

Scenario #3: You’re Using Outdated or Vulnerable Technologies to Archive Your Data

In this industry, software created even just a few years ago may already be outdated. Archiving repository technology is a good example, since many are clunky and no longer as user-friendly as they once were. Fileshares or  Sharepoint platforms are not meant for organized archiving and are much less secure.

It’s not mandatory to archive your data and content in the latest and greatest software solution, but if you’re still using outdated technology or programs that are not built for archiving, then you’re missing out on features and functions that can make your life so much easier.

Plus, if you’re already using Veeva Vault, why not store all your archived data in one location?

One Vault – All Your Data

An important thing to remember if you’re looking to archive in Veeva Vault is that Valiance is the ONLY vendor with Archive software that uses Veeva as the archive solution. Contact us to learn more or see a demo.