Accessing Archived Data in Veeva Vault

Veeva Archiving from Valiance

After working on over 600 migration projects with our clients, we’ve noticed one huge unaddressed issue that many customers face: archiving GxP data and content.

Does this sound familiar? During a migration project, Veeva or Valiance are frequently asked, “What should I do with my legacy data and content I’m not migrating?” In nearly every situation our answer is the same: Archive it. Especially since many of our clients are in heavily regulated industries and need to retain data for a certain period of time for record-keeping and compliance purposes.

The inevitable follow-up question is, “Where should I store it?” There really hasn’t been one right answer to that question, but there are a whole lot of possibilities. Where to archive data is a textbook Paradox of Choice situation, where the more selections that are available, the more complexity that comes with the decision – and there are plenty of options.

Having nearly unlimited options to choose from is overwhelming, so companies typically keep their legacy system active after a migration is complete. They may limit user access, but they continue to pay ongoing maintenance fees in case they need that data later. After all, the alternative is evaluating, testing, and selecting one of the numerous archiving platforms available. It’s not a top-of-mind need and we’ve seen “evaluations” going on for years with little movement.

Ideally, those who are migrating or have already migrated to Veeva could store all their archived data and content (not just their submissions) within Veeva Vault. This would provide the same familiar interface, search, and security allowing for easy accessibility and could conceivably lower the costs of moving to a disruptive technology like Veeva by migrating only what you need to use moving forward, and archiving the rest, in this case, into your Vault.

Archiving to Veeva

The Valiance team developed a configurable, integrated archiving solution that takes legacy content or data from other platforms, archives it in Veeva Vault, and makes it accessible through a dropdown menu from your standard Veeva interface. Imagine, searching for your current and archived content and data all within Vault from the same interface. One Vault – All your information!

If you’re looking for new ways to make a great Veeva solution even better and you’re ready to stop paying maintenance to retain an old system, contact us online to learn more about this solution.

Veeva Vault Migration Solutions

Valiance is the leading provider of GxP migration and software and services when compliance and quality are on the line. Our TRUmigrate™ and TRUcompare™ software has been successfully integrated with Veeva Vault since 2012, and Valiance has become the preferred pathway for migrating legacy information to Vault. Our unique data migration testing application provides 100% verification of data and content, for 100% peace of mind.

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Tom Witmer, Head of Business Development

Tom Witmer is head of business development for Valiance. He has over 35 years of sales and sales leadership experience in enterprise software companies in the database and content management space, serving the life sciences software industries.