Veeva Vault Clinical Migration Services

Extensive Clinical Experience. Technical Migration Expertise.

Valiance Partners has established itself as the “gold standard” in clinical data migration services (CDMS), completing over 750 migrations since our company was formed.

With an established track record, combined with Valiance’s validated migration and migration-testing software, (TRUSeries) data and document migrations are 100% verified on a record by record or document by document basis.

Valiance and Veeva: Migrating from Legacy EDC Solutions to Vault CDMS

Planning for Your Vault CDMS Migration Experience

Case Study

Large Scale eTMF Migration: Documentum to Veeva Vault

Valiance brings an unparalleled knowledge of regulations, business processes and precision to every client engagement, regardless of the size. We offer various levels of migration, strategic, and data quality services tailored to address your challenges:

  • 100% Data and Content Verification Process
  • Modern User Experience
  • Cost-Effective CDMS Solution
  • Minimal Impact on Study Team
  • Flexible Workflows for Different Roles
  • Compliant, verified, and well-documented migration methodology

From AI-driven data quality services that improve migration readiness, accuracy and efficiency, to our 100% data verification process, Valiance’s expertise offers the most comprehensive migration solution on the market. We ensure that data migration is as predictable and painless as possible.


Tom Witmer, Vice President of Business Development

Tom Witmer is head of business development for Valiance Partners. With nearly forty years of sales leadership experience in enterprise software companies in the database and content management space, Tom specializes in serving the life sciences and software industries.