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Valiance Tests Complex ARISg Upgrade 100%


The client is an integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing innovative therapies to treat cancer and inflammation through gene and protein regulation.


The client planned an ARISg upgrade, and as part of the process new servers were installed. Because it needed to verify drug and patient safety data records, the company was concerned with the possible risk of migration error. The project plan included testing at the record level for all migrated records. Custom SQL scripts were written to test the fields deemed critical and a sampling plan was created for the non-critical fields.. The client anticipated the upgrade process would be straightforward. The client also assumed that – with thousands of fields to migrate – all fields would be mapped one-to-one.

Migration Challenges

When the client started testing, it soon discovered that the assumption that all fields were mapped one-to-one was wrong. This complexity made the scripting approach unfeasible, given that the client did not have the luxury of time or budget to custom-code a testing process for the mappings of 100% of the critical data, or to verify that the custom coding worked. Finding that their original assumptions were flawed, the company reviewed the alternatives.

The Valiance Solution

With its ability to save both time and money, the Valiance team and TRUcompare software were brought in to accelerate the testing and validation of the critical fields. The client’s challenges were such that the migration could never have been finished in a timely manner without configurable automated data migration testing software. TRUcompare, with its efficient Configuration Console, proved to be the only off-the-shelf solution. It was able to manage through complex transformations and configuration without the need to custom code. Additionally, given the power of the Configuration Console, Valiance was able to complete the testing of both the critical and non-critical fields. Unexpectedly, the testing completed by TRUcompare also identified procedural errors with the client’s sampling test result.


By listening to the client’s most important question – “How do we ensure the integrity of safety data records while completing our migration on time?” — Valiance Partners was able to zero in on the problem and provide the solution. TRUcompare was used to verify the migration at the field level for 100% of the data. At first, the client worried that custom-coding would take ages. But with TRUcompare, the entire execution, configuration and validation process required just one person-month’s effort. This was considerably less than the client’s original estimate for time and cost.

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