BioClinica Data Migration Challenges

BioClinica’s Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) manage and maintain all the data and documents associated with planning, performing and reporting functions for clinical trials, including tracking deadlines and milestones.

CTMS implementations are major endeavors and their success hinges on the ability to repurpose legacy data to meet the business constraints of the new system without any room for error.

As many as 50% of data migrations go over budget or/and schedule.

Many migrations go through six to nine testing iterations to simply get the data “close enough” to move to production. Even more disheartening is that most data migration companies often include just two rounds of testing, each round only testing a sample of the total data. If your data is not perfect or your CTMS data migration isn’t straightforward, you could be facing a challenging road ahead.

“I attribute the success of our CTMS data migration project to the amazing team at Valiance team. Their knowledge, experience and ability to get the job done is unparalleled to any other vendor I have worked with.”– Project Director, Global Contract Research Organization

CTMS Migration Software

Valiance helps you protect your investment and avoid program delays, surprise quality issues and budget overruns. We offer the ONLY complete migration solution to ensure your CTMS migration will be successful, moving the data from the source to the destination with 100% verification through automated testing. Since 2005, Valiance’s TRUseries migration software has been successfully applied to 500+ GxP data migrations.

Our TRUseries migration products provide:

CTMS Migration Resources:

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