GxP Application Integrations Made Simple.

If you’re an FDA regulated organization looking for greater insight and control from distributed, heterogeneous GxP systems applications, TRUconnect can facilitate the integration of these critical applications —without any coding.

TRUconnect supports a broad range of GxP platforms out of the box, including on-premise and cloud-based platforms. TRUconnect accelerates integration and provides the ability to connect data and applications in real time – ensuring that the information is available, reliable and actionable. The TRUconnect architecture has been designed from the ground up for multi-threading and unlimited scalability.

TRUconnect provides near real-time integration between heterogeneous systems and platforms using the steps below:

Calling program invokes TRUconnect

The message is received and stored in a queue and then transaction manager thread picks up the message for processing.

The message is processed

Source data is converted to common XML

Requested transaction is executed

TRUconnect executes the transaction as per the received message

Data and/or status is returned

Calling program receives the data and/or results

Provides near real-time integration between heterogeneous systems and platforms

TRUconnect is a fully configurable transformation engine that comes with a drag and drop interface for job design. With its “application aware” adapters, there is no need to know the source or target system’s APIs or object layouts. It’s ideal for integrating “cloud-based” and in-house systems and may also be scheduled for periodic scheduled integrations.

TRUconnect Benefits:

  • Ability to interact through Web Services and XML exchange
  • Transactions can be nested across technology adapters
  • Adapters support over 25 different transactions
  • Ability for TRUconnect developers to create custom adapters
  • Connections are made through secure web services augmenting application-level security


Sell Sheet: TRUconnect